Chantix – The Latest Drug for Smoking Cessation

Smoking is probably the most addictive habit out there today. There are many people who believe it is easier to kick the cocaine habit than it is to kick the nicotine habit. When trying to quit people go through withdrawals which include nervousness, insomnia, headache, weight gain, and irritability. For most people the strong urge to smoke sets them up for failure. There are a number of products available for smoking cessation. Some of these products act as a nicotine replacement which helps with withdrawal symptoms. The newest kid on the block offers a two-fold concept. Chantix has recently been approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation drug. Chantix is unique because it offers withdrawal relief along with blocking the pleasure nicotine delivers to the brain without being a nicotine replacement.

Smoking Hazards For people who are attempting to quit smoking there are three events which lead to failure; the strong desire for nicotine, the withdrawal symptoms, and the habit of lighting up and having something in your hands. Chantix is designed to help alleviate two of these events. It helps relieve withdrawal symptoms and if you smoke it prevents the pleasure you receive from the nicotine by the blocking the effect the nicotine has on the brain. There are a whole host of reasons why people should not smoke. Smoking has been linked to lung cancer, COPD, increased cholesterol levels, and even osteoporosis. The dangers not only exist for the smoker but for the people who are around the smoker as well. Second hand smoke has come to the forefront of society as a serious medical concern. Experts warn that pregnant women who smoke have an increased chance of birth defects and stunted fetal growth.

Society today will no longer accept smoking. More and more states are adopting smoking bans in public buildings and restaurants. Many employers prohibit smoking on their property and some will even terminate your employment if they discover you are a smoker. Smoking contributes to increased work days lost due to illness and there are many employers who simply will not accept it.

The introduction of Chantix offers help to those who have struggled to quit. By taking away the pleasure experienced when smoking if offers a real advantage over other smoking cessation products. It comes in a pill form which is taken either once or twice a day. Heavier smokers who have smoked for several years would probably do best on two pills a day. It is available only by prescription and can be taken for up to twenty four weeks. If you have a desire to quit and are willing to give Chantix a try you might find the solution you have been looking for. Talk to your doctor today and begin your smoke-free life tomorrow.