Life on this earth has become a trial and so it is to be able to live healthy. Medical science has improved to a great deal but we have to compare our modern day doctors with the quality of mind that Indian doctors or (Vaidy ) strove to cultivate in the days gone by and rue the difference. It seems the Medical oath which doctors have to take at the time of graduating out which is popularly known as Hippocratic oath (taken to promise oneself to render selfless service) has become shortened and is likely to get further shortened now, to merit itself the new name that I would give it-hypocritical oath.

Some two years ago, my mom’s problem due to osteoporosis got so intense that she had to be x-rayed and checked up. The doctor made a few queries and found out that she was the wife of a retired central Government employee with medical reimbursement for operations. I suspect that was the reason why he suggested that she be admitted as an in-patient. As a dutiful daughter, I took two weeks leave to attend to her (and at that time I was working in a hamlet two hundred kilometers away from my place in Chennai).

She only had a pain at the neck, and for that they took blood test, urine test, CT scan, ultrasound scan(The one they do to check the baby in the tummy). Poor mom, doesn’t even possess a uterus which was removed two years prior to that. And there was mummy gloriously taking thaaat!

Everything , of course was normal, normal, normal and I was beginning to get really vexed because two days had passed and we weren’t getting any near solution. After the x-ray came a duty doctor went through it and said she needed an operation which had 25 percent chances of success. And if it was a failure, she would of course not lose her life but might be rendered invalidated. Since I was already annoyed with the way they were conducting themselves I decided to pack the bags and leave the hospital. My mother was in two minds regarding that matter. What, if the doctor is right. I think we rather follow the doctor’s advice!-she appealed to me, being a woman of the great old good days where people thought doctors were Gods. No, I said. Look at the way the doctors talk!

You know,when I enquired why they had to take ultrasound scan for a lady who had no problem there, the answer was this- Why are you so panicky, are you paying from your pocket? No, after all it is Government that pays!Just relax and tell me if you have any discomfort here. I decided they had no right to make business out of my poor mom’s ailing body and literally dragged her out of the murky hospital. The doctor’s kept protesting that when she had no problem with the comforts of the hospital, why did she needed to vacate so early. I said, well doctor, I have an urgent call at my place of work and needed to go. So there is nobody else to tend to her and of course we would be back shortly to enjoy all that hospitality!!!!

And come out we did and immediately took second opinion with certain other doctors known for neutral judgement and you will not believe it when I say that they simply ruled out an operation! They said it was wisdom to avoid an operation which any way had only 25% chances of a success and god would most probably be more generous if we left it to him. Two years have passed and my mother is still an active woman except for occasional neck aches.

So those who rush to hospitals for everything please bear in mind that you might better take a second counsel before wholly depending on certified doctors who are out to get you. Better still appeal to God’s generosity!!