Oprah With The First of Chicago “Crimson”

Perhaps the carpet should have been crimson, instead of the red. Twenty-two years after having returned its beginning of Hollywood in the film version of the color of the walker of Alice “crimson” and two years after its beginning of Broadway as producer of musical of the same name, Oprah Winfrey walked of carpet Thursday evening like exposure of stage presented in first in his city at the house. Winfrey, plated out of silk deadened crimson, said because it entered the theatre of palate of Cadillac that the opening on Broadway and the street of Randolph of Chicago were completely different experiments.

“There are an intimacy and an obvious connection that I am of opinion here which I could not probably smell me in New York,” said Winfrey, whose studios of Harpo are only a few blocks of the theatre. “I liked the feeling to prove precisely right to have the exposure on Broadway and to be part to have it of on Broadway, but I never imagined but approximately a year after we could take it in the country, and thereafter the world,” she said. Winfrey says there are now plans to take the exposure in South Africa. “It be enough powerful for me, with each level, to descend the same street where I have see the first time the film it there have 21 year ago, and my name have not be allow to be on the capital, and to can know now that I be a part of can it bring here,” it have say. “It is really a powerful feeling. ” Winfrey played the second female part of Sofia inside The film of Steven Spielberg 1985, but the producer for the first time was in the second place with no hold the first role inside the power Thursday with the first of evening. Crowd Oprah-was thus fixed that little even noted R&B holds the first role the grief stem of training of R., who was held on the red carpet in an attracting costume of soldier-model of three-piece.