How to extract multi-part zip files

Have you ever seen these file ?

  • zipfiles.z01
  • zipfiles.z02
  • zipfiles.z03
  • ……
  • zipfiles.z10

These are the multi-part of zipped files, which mean  one big file are to big to make archive so it should split  into several files. These files were created by winzip. Probably for many people (included me) it such a weird file, and they don’t know how to extract the file archives.

After my research in whole google how to extract it, here i want to share to you how to extract it.

For window platform
There are so many software has support for these extension such as winzip, winrar, 7-zip, and many other, put those file in one folder, and then just click with your supported software above, and whala…. the file  extracted.

For linux platform
The problem for newbie user in linux is they don’t now how to combine the command within. I got the problem too with these platform, but that’s why i like most with this platform, it challenged me to know. Alright then here the command for solve this problem.

hendra-k@server $ cat zipfiles.* >
hendra-k@server $ zip -F
hendra-k@server $ unzip

here the description for these command above :

hendra-k@server $ cat zipfiles.* >
= merging those file into one full zipped file

hendra-k@server $ zip -F
= Fixing the archive of the overall zipped files

hendra-k@server $ unzip
= Extract the full zipped fil

Hope this tutorial is usefull for you