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Add Your Blog to my BlogrollWhat is blogroll?
Well the definition of blogroll is a list of links to blogs that the blogger likes. A blogroll is usually included in the blog’s sidebar. Some bloggers divide their blogrolls into categories. For example, a blogger who writes about cars could divide his blogroll up into categories for links to other blogs he writes, other blogs about cars and other blogs he likes about unrelated topics. The blogroll can be set up based on each blogger’s personal preferences, and it can be updated at any time.

Does it cost to put my link on this blog?

Placing links on my blog is always free, and please put my blog link too on your blogroll list.

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Blogrolls as Blog Traffic Boosters

Blogrolls are great traffic driving tools. With each blogroll that your blog is listed on comes the possibility that readers of that blog will click on your link and visit your blog. Blogrolls equate to publicity and exposure across the blogosphere. Additionally, blogs with many incoming links (particularly those from high quality blogs as rated by Google page rank or Technorati authority), are usually ranked higher by search engines, which can bring additional traffic to your blog.

I am going to open this up for almost anyone that want’s to have a link on my blog.If you would like to have a link to your blog placed on the blogroll of mine, just let me know by sending me a message trough form below. I will submit your link to my blogroll list immediately, after you put my link on your blogroll too.

I currently don’t have much by way of content or traffic on the blog, but I plan to eventually.

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