Alternative Medicine and Disease Prevention

Alternative Medicine

Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, and Massage Therapy are available to every member of our society. Each of these therapies have been proven to improve our life and our health. Yet, very few of us have ever undertaken a serious course of Alternative Medicine, let alone a regular course of each. They can be a beneficial, and relatively inexpensive, adjunct in your pursuit of excellent health.

The key to understanding and using these alternative medicines properly is to understand that they are preventative of disease, and contributive to energy. Thinking of these therapies the same way that you think of mainstream medicine will only give you the results that mainstream medicine has.

Whether you have or haven’t explored these areas, you will definitely need a professional opinion in terms of how to properly access these alternative fields of medicine and how to receive the most benefit to your health. Each one of these disciplines carries an important means in addressing the currents which control our health.

Discovering which to use, when to use them, and how to use them, is a step by step process. The empowering effects of these healing arts are criticized and unduly insulted in medical offices to this day. Unfortunately, these critical physicians are often not familiar with the annals of research in the other fields.

It is sad that the ‘real’ doctor of today is educated entirely by the pharmaceutical industry, and would prescribe dangerous drugs before exploring the power of these emerging arts. Even more unfortunately, this leaves the patient without any authoritative guidance as to how to explore the world of Alternative Medicine.

As we consider different health issues, we should also consider which of these alternative care disciplines you should enlist to assist you. Research thoroughly how to select an alternative care doctor and how to receive as much assistance as you can without affecting your pocket book. These disciplines are, in many cases, not any more expensive than mainstream efforts to achieve a health goal . Explore what you feel you’d prefer to avoid in the alternative health field, what you’d be comfortable with accepting, and how to find a medical doctor who is educated well in alternative medicines.

Disease Prevention

Disease Prevention is a popular phrase and a poorly followed principle. The problem we have, as a society, with the concept of disease prevention is that there is nothing exciting about it. If you consider eating healthy and living right only as a means to prevent disease, you’ll never be excited enough to follow it up properly.

The only people who become excited about preventing disease are usually people who already have a disease.

The most effective manner of motivating yourself towards healthy living is to understand how it will bring you closer to a stronger, more energetic person than the one you are today. Using prevention only to prevent disease is both dull and pessimistic. Using the tools you’ve associated with prevention to bring you more strength and vitality can make it exciting and can show you new pleasures in life.

If you can fathom that the same lifestyle you had when you were young is attainable now, this might make the alternative principles of disease prevention a little more interesting to you.

What is important to understand is that alternative principles, such as Vitalism, are a source of rejuvenation, can restore energy, and can even bring energy to a person who has never had strong energy levels. These principles, often associated with helping eliminate or reduce disease prevention, should be followed until an individual has achieved an ideal state of health in their life.

Dr. Bryan Brodeur

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