Herbal stop smoking products have become quite popular in today’s anti-smoking campaigns and the smokers themselves. The primary reason they’re getting so much notice and so much approval is that so many other solutions, such as nicotine gums and patches haven’t worked well enough to get a large number of smokers off the cancer sticks.

Even when nicotine patches have worked for those who are determined to quit the nasty habit, they still leave the smokers taking in nicotine for quite some time, and directly into their blood stream. This just can’t be the ideal solution. Of course, it’s better to quit smoking gradually with the nicotine patch than to never quit smoking at all, but if there’s a way to start today on an immediate withdrawal of all nicotine, that would be far preferable.

Herbal stop smoking products are that immediate withdrawal answer that many are looking for. Besides, nicotine gum and nicotine patches just don’t work for every smoker that wants to quit. Some people smoke not only because of the addiction the nicotine has created in their systems, but also because they enjoy the physical smoking act. And you just can’t duplicate that with gum or patches.

Herbal stop smoking products work exceptionally well, and they do so because they take stock of the fact that folks craving smoking as much as they crave nicotine. The herbal stop smoking products try to address all of the smoker’s needs that brought her or him to smoking in the first place, and kept him or her there. The designer of herbal stop smoking products did there best – and succeeded – at working on the center of the craving’s source – the smoker’s brain.

There are so many facets to what these herbal stop smoking products do to ward off the smoking habit – and make it stay away. The herbs in these smoking cessation products balance the levels of serotonin in the smoker’s brain and also fight her or his urge to indulge in sweets. The latter may not seem the realm of a stop-smoking product. However, studies have shown, and smokers themselves will readily tell you, that one of the concerns that keep them puffing away is the fear that they’ll replace the intake of nicotine with the need to fill their mouths and stomachs with a high calorie sweet substitute. And it’s true that binge eating is often the result of the sudden withdrawal of the comforting cigarette puff.

Herbal stop smoking products focus on the principles of holistic health, and so try to help smokers kick the habit in a very healthy way. If, rather than replacing one form of nicotine ingestion with another – in the case of the nicotine patch and the nicotine gum – the smoker learns to give up cigarettes by replacing it with something that is good for them, she or he will feel happier, more confident, healthier and proud of him or herself.