Dental Implant: Brings back your lost smile

By: Angelo

Do you feel embarrassing to smile? Lost a tooth? Are you unable to attend any social function due to poor dental health? You need not worry. Solution for such problems has become possible with the arrival of computer and laser method.

Dentistry has traveled a long way since our grandparents walked to the dentist for their root canals and extractions to this age of computer. Unlike the earlier days treatment, laser treatment are safe, painless and provide beauty and comfort. New technology has changed the whole scenario of dentistry to a massive extent. People with poor dental health are no more left with psychic trauma of not being able to smile confidently as before. Hats off to the modern dentist who takes pain to save your damaged teeth in many ways, using pearly-white porcelain that nobody but a dentist can distinguish from your real teeth that even functions like normal teeth.

In the rare instance where a tooth cannot be saved, or in cases where a tooth is lost in an accident or trauma, “Dental Implant” can be employed. If you have gaps in your smile where your permanent teeth used to reside, you may find that more is missing from your life than just teeth thus you can understand how important it is to have a good set of white pearly teeth. In such cases dental implants along with artificial teeth are often a good option to fill the gaps left by tooth loss in your smile and in your life. Placement of dental implants and artificial teeth involves surgical procedures usually done in several stages, which takes three to nine months, or sometimes even longer. An artificial dental implant includes two important parts. One is “Implanting Part” and the other is “Crown Fixing Part”. The dental implant cylinder is first implanted in your jawbone upon which a crown is to be fixed, which is manufactured using a metal powder injection molding method and finally, you get your new artificial tooth.

Everyone should remember that our oral health is not something to be taken for granted. Improving and preserving our dental health is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. If you can take care of your natural set of teeth well than you can avoid those heavy expenses after dental surgery and the steady schedule that has to be strictly maintained as prescribed by your dentist. At the same time it is also imperative for the dental industry to offer everyone access to affordable, quality dental care product that promises to help you to preserve your healthy set of teeth and prevent major dental problems.

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