Eight Tips That Will Help You Avoid Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are one of the most widespread complaints of mankind. Almost all men and women suffer from hemorrhoids at some time in their lives. They can take place at any age, but the possibility of getting hemorrhoids increases drastically after age thirty.

According to a study, 50% of people older than 50 have experienced hemorrhoids at least once in their lives.

You can avoid hemorrhoids by following the following eight tips. However, you should remember that there is no guarantee they won’t develop at some stage.

1. Increase the fiber in your diet. Great sources of fiber are grains, cereals, legumes, lentils, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. Be careful; add fiber to your diet slowly.

2. Avoid straining when defecating. You should also avoid long sessions sitting on the toilet. Forget about reading on the toilet.

3. Drink lots of water to keep the bowels loose. Increased water consumption helps to bulk up and soften stools, making them easier to pass.

4. Avoid long sitting, get up and move regularly. If your work requires you to sit or stand for a prolonged period, take regular stretching breaks that change your position. When relaxing, lie on your side while watching television or reading.

5. Exercise every day. It can be as simple as a walk around the block. Exercise for about thirty minutes on a daily basis.

6. Avoid constipation and diarrhea. Increase water consumption, add fiber to your diet, eat regular meals, exercise daily, do not ignore the urge to go to the bathroom and reduce stress.

7. Avoid sudden heavy lifting. The sudden increase of pressure on the blood vessels can cause the veins in the rectal area to stretch and swell.

8. Keep the anal area clean. Try to remember that the goal is not to wipe the anal area clean but rather, to wash it clean.


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