Getting Help With Over The Counter Hemorrhoids Treatment?

There are a number of over the counter hemorrhoids treatment products available and proper advice from a doctor or pharmacist must be taken, when choosing which one is the most appropriate.

Before applying medication, the anal area needs to be gently washed by dabbing, (avoid wiping) with a moistened cleansing tissue. It’s advisable not to use colored or scented tissue.

Any of the over the counter hemorrhoids treatment which contains a vasoconstrictor must be avoided if you have any of the following conditions; hypertension, urinary difficulties, cardiovascular disease, diabetes or if you’ve been prescribed medication for depression. A vasoconstrictor may be in the form of phenylephrine HCI, ephedrine or epinephrine. Some people may be allergic or hypersensitive to products including local anesthetics. The ingredients may cause pain, irritation, swelling or redness. If this occurs, patients need to consult their doctor, or if protrusion, seeping or bleeding occurs.

Some products can be inserted intrarectally for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids, and some products can only be used externally. Astringents, vasoconstrictors and protectants are allowable for internal hemorrhoids.

Over the counter hemorrhoids treatment can be roughly divided into the following, and their major benefits being; astringents which decrease inflammation, give relief from burning and itching but not pain, protectants which decrease inflammation, vasoconstrictors which help to reduce irritation and itchiness, local anesthetics which help with pain, itching and burning, keratolytics which reduces itchiness and discomfort, antipruritics which act as counter irritants and hydrocortisone which helps with itching and swelling.

If you are unfortunate enough to be a sufferer, over the counter hemorrhoids treatment can at least bring relief fairly quickly, and lead to eliminating the problem.