Herbs For Hemorrhoids: Do They Help?

Many people overlook using herbs for hemorrhoids, but this has been proven effective time and time again. This best part about using herbs for hemorrhoids is that you usually never have to leave home in order to do this. So using these herbs is more or less a home remedy if you have the means necessary to find the herbs.

Listed below are a few herbs for hemorrhoids that are most common. Not all of them will work for you, but they are at least worth a try.

1. Birch sap is great for hemorrhoids because it works as an astringent as well as an antibacterial solution. It has been known to have great healing power on problem areas of the skin.

2. Calendula is excellent for skin care because of its cell rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory properties. By using calendula your hemorrhoids will heal faster and not become inflamed as much as you have come to expect.

3. Centella is known to increase circulation while also healing problem areas such as hemorrhoids. It is particularly useful on helping damaged areas of the skin and surrounding tissue.

4. Chickweed can help to soothe and heal hemorrhoids as well as many other skin conditions. In addition it also helps to prevent tissue degeneration.

Overall, herbs for hemorrhoids can be great treatment options. The four herbs listed above are great for this problem, and are worth a try if you are suffering. If you look around, you should be able to find an herb that works for you in no time.