How To Conquer Stress And Depression

How To Conquer Stress And Depression

I am quite a fragile person and can quite easily find myself thinking and worrying about the smallest of things. People who know me comment that I am always stressed and that I should attempt to learn to relax more. This is easy for them to say! I have however now learned how to reduce the amount I stress and get depressed and will explain more in this article.

About a year ago I decided that I had had enough of the way I was living my life, up one day and down the next. I was on an emotional rollercoaster, never sure if I would wake up in the morning in a happy mood or in a depressed state. I was also aware that it was not really fair on my family as they did not know from day to day which Steve would appear.

So how was I going to go about improving my life and to conquer this near constant stress and depression? Well, what I thought I should do is to treat it as a project and even a hobby. I was determined to get to the bottom of it but was aware that it would take time and hard work. It was important to think positive about this project and to see it as a hobby rather than a choir as this would be the only way I would be likely to succeed.

The first thing I thought about doing was to write down the periods where I was in a stressed or depressed state. I then asked myself certain questions, such as, am I tired? Have I recently had an argument on my girlfriend? Is work getting me down?

I like to think of myself as quite a sociable person and I have to admit that most of the places and evening outs I go on or to, involve the drinking of alcohol. To be sociable I would always participate in this drinking but never really to excess. This is quite strange in reality as I have never really enjoyed the taste of alcohol or the affect that it has on me.

From my studies I soon realised that nearly all of my stressed and depressed days followed one of these evening outs drinking etc. I also realised that I always felt very low and even sorry for myself when I was tired and that I was always tired the day after drinking alcohol.

It is now quite plain for me to understand, alcohol is no good for me. It is like it creates the wrong chemicals in my brain. To help improve my life, I have now decided to become tee-total and therefore my drinking days are over. I will still socialise but will only be drinking soft drinks from now on.

I must say that I do not miss drinking alcohol at all and that I am a far happier person. I wish I had realised and stopped drinking alcohol years ago.

Steve Hill