How To Fully Utilize Your Will Power To Quit Smoking

Many smokers who wants to quit smoking wait as for the miracle day to come as though they will automatically stop smoking. Nevertheless, to quit smoking becomes nearly impossible for them. Many times, smokers fail in to the overcome the addiction.

This is because like any smoker, the love for the nicotine is too strong. It is known that nicotine is actually more addictive than heroin. However, there are thousands of people who manage to quit smoking and escape the torture of nicotine. Like any other, those people once thought that they are not able to quit. However, their determination and willpower paid off for them.

This is how you can also quit successfully:

Acknowledge and fulfill the commitment and determination with yourself and also your love ones. Change your mindset and be an optimistic about the way of living and the way of life. Change the activities and environment which you previously associated with smoking. You will begin to sense a significant change in yourself.

Also associated positive reasons to quit smoking, and the positive effect and consequences. You will never succeed to quit smoking if you never know why or feel good about it. What’s the point of quitting smoking. Be mentally, physically and also emotionally prepared to escape this addiction.

Once you are mentally prepared and conditioned, then you are ready to commit to yourself to quit smoking. The withdrawal symptoms will be there but do not be afraid as the long term benefits are far greater. The pleasure of smoking is only short term.

Keep a journal and write down what you think about smoking – the positive and negative effects and aspects of it. And plan out a schedule for quitting. Even smokers are against smoking. It’s just that they can’t overcome the addiction due to weak willpower and determination. Apply rather what you say and what you wrote down rather than what you feel.

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