Netbooks, Small is Beautiful

Netbooks is so excellent in the small computer market. Little version from the laptop computer now become popular because of the small size, lightweight and a cheap price.

Netbooks changing from something that people don’t know to people must have gadget, it because of the increase of web-based applications development and wireless connection everywhere.
Netbooks vendor race on their product performance competition, which also models, the look and style competition.

One of the cheap netbook is acer aspire one netbook , this model being popular and have ideal specification that you need.

The concept of a touch screen mini-laptop that has enough width for the screen size. Small, stylish and exclusive impression, this is the initial impression from netbooks , netbook is small that you can save them in the pocket.

For regular users who open a lot of applications some netbook provides a key named ‘Windows Utility Arrangement’. The button located on the front surface of the laptop keyboard is working to set the window that is opened automatically.

For example, when users open a second application window press’ Windows Utility Arrangement ‘, the display will change back home a book at each other. This button is very useful if users tend to open many windows when using the computer.

Some of netbook is using Windows Vista Home Premium as operating system, Intel Atom processor Z530 (1.60GHz), and media storage solid-state drive (SSD) 64GB. This device has a weight of 594 grams.
Other netbook using Windows Vista Home Basic as operating system, Intel Atom processor Z520 (1.33GHz) and 60GB hard disk device has a weight of 620g.

Using RAM Memory 2GB capacity makes netbook run faster, and the result, boot up process and access to music, video, photos, and so the Web more faster.

Some netbook have dimensions of the screen that is 8 “wide UWXGA. Though small, the screen is able to display resolutions up to 1600 X 767 pixels and device thickness is 20 mm.
In addition to specifications it equipped with wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Different specifications from netbooks make some price range, even though netbook price cheaper than laptop computer, you have to make some price comparison from the market and buy Netbook that your money can afford.

Now you can have gadget that you ever dream; The wonder of cheap Netbooks. Small can be beautiful.