Stop Smoking Pills: Good Or Bad?

Your resolution to quit smoking is just a pill away– that’s how some of the pill manufacturers advertise their products. The main enemy for the quit smoking researchers is nicotine. How to tame this greatest killer of humanity year after year is a matter of concern for all researchers.

In the recent past, they have developed many wonder drugs, claiming that they have almost made it, but soon many unanswered questions cropped up. Is it really possible to stop smoking by taking recourse to pills? If so, for how long the pill diet has to continue? Nicotine’s chemical reaction on the body is their main target. Having known this, will they succeed to mimic or block nicotine’s destructive powers? Researchers have also found out that certain pills have within them the in-built double-benefit scheme! They help you stop smoking and drop weight! Is it good or bad?

They say that the best friend is the worst enemy. Cigarettes were your best friend. Now suddenly you want to quit smoking. Naturally the worst experiences, call them sufferings, will meet you on the way. But it’s time you cross each hurdle, without losing confidence and without giving up the race. All should be well, in the end!

Now, there is no doubt that enemy number one is nicotine. Strike this enemy so hard that there is no need to strike again. There is perfect agreement amongst the researchers on the subject. A revolutionary medicine is being developed, which when hits the market on a commercial scale, could be in the form of potion or pill. It is called Methoxsalen. This drug is also developed on the scientifically accepted fact that cigarette smoking is an addiction developed by human body’s earnest desire, obsession for nicotine.

Curb the desire, say the scientists who developed this drug; elimination of this craving is possible, the researchers fervently believe! They have great hopes on this new discovery, which they hope, will produce precedent-shattering results!

Are they right this time? Logically speaking, it seems that they are moving on the correct track! It is just like removing thorn by thorn! They are out to develop ways and means to prevent nicotine to reach up to the brain. It is the brain that does the duty of producing happy and enjoyable sensations when you smoke. When the brain stops giving such signals, what will the poor addict do? He is now not interested in lighting another cigarette at all, and at the end of the day he finds that the packet is almost in tact.

He now knows that he has found a way out from the nicotine-influencing zone. Hopefully the final exit will be soon!


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