The Number One Secret For Losing Weight

We all have a few extra pounds we would like to lose. But did you know that this culture is rampant with quick fix diets, supplements, eating programs, and deadly prescriptions that are nowhere near to being the solution you need for losing weight.

First, we had the low fat program, then no fat, then high carb, then no carb, then all meat, then no meat. As for weight losing drugs, we had the heart attack inducing Fen-phen. Then, we had drugs and fads that replaced all of these.

And in another year, another fad will start.

The fact of the matter is, diets simply do not work. Medications do not work. Nothing works to give you a long, lean muscular body until you have tapped into the number one secret for turning your body into a ripped, muscle building and fat burning machine.

And the secret is not simply aerobic exercise or working out. These two will help tremendously, but will not turn the corner for you.

What you will need to turn your body into a fat burning, muscle building, energetic machine, is a sure fire method of turning up your internal metabolic level. Jogging and weight lifting only turn up that consumption function while you are doing them. Drugs and supplements only strain your heart while they temporarily force your body to burn calories.

The surefire method to turning up your internal furnace is simple: you’ll need a daily exercise program that restores your body to full mobility, preferably a program that quietly makes you sweat.

These programs allow your body to suddenly function fully. A fully flexible body becomes longer, leaner, and will naturally burn twice the calories of even an accomplished athlete. Any person who has followed these types of programs faithfully will attest to this: their metabolisms skyrocket. Their immune system power goes into overdrive, and their aches and pains, colds and flus, all seem to go into remission.

So where are these programs? Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga are the fountainheads of these incredible body-shredding programs. Power Pilates and other similar programs are very close followers to these ancient, principled methods.

Turning on your internal furnace has never been easier: look for a powerful home flexibility program and you will see dramatic changes in your physique, your energy, and your life.

Dr. Bryan Brodeur

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