The True Cost Of Smoking, Literally

What would you and your partner do with £407,887.50? Spend it on cigarettes perhaps? Well, if you and your partner both smoke 60 cigarettes a day between you, and you both smoke for another 50 years, this is exactly how much it will cost you.

Maybe you’re thinking that you don’t smoke that much. Ok then, a smoker who smokes 20 cigarettes a day for just 10 years will spend £19,892.50.

A smoker who plans to smoke 30 a day for 30 years will waste £105,941.25.

These figures are based on a packet of cigarettes costing £5 for the first year and then increasing by 10 pence per pack per year thereafter, and this is not unreasonable to assume.

As well as the health dangers, perhaps any smoker should be asking themselves if they can afford to smoke. Over four hundred thousand pounds would pay off more than the average mortgage and buy a few nice cars but because the money spent on cigarettes is passed over the counter daily without any fuss, its absence is not really noticed.

Imagine holding a box containing £105,941.50 in cash and being told that you can have it back in 30 years if you don’t smoke, or smoke 30 a day for 30 years and never see the money again. Incredibly, most smokers would probably choose the 2nd option and then spend a few days or weeks chasing a tenth of a percent on a mortgage deal! These are the smokers that are not ready to stop smoking.

This illogical reasoning is caused by our rational thinking which has to come up with reasons why we do the things we do. The only problem is that sometimes if it can’t find a reason it will come up with an excuse such as “I won’t notice the daily fiver”.

Anyone wishing to give-up smoking and who passes the box test, who is willing to throw their cigarettes in the bin and look forward to getting their hands on the cash in 30 years, need only to put the money that they would have spent on cigarettes in a savings account! Don’t forget that this figure will be even greater because of the interest it earns.

So, how do you stop smoking? Most smokers know that smoking is expensive, both financially and in terms of health, but the fear of stopping seems even worse. Many people think that they will be ratty, not be able to concentrate, need new wallpaper as they will be climbing the walls and generally unable to cope with the imagined withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This fear of stopping is greater than the fear of smoking. Again, our rational thinking sometimes works against us.

If you could stop smoking virtually instantly, feel good, not experience any withdrawal symptoms or cravings and know that this change was for life and costs a fraction of the money that you would have spent if you were to carry on smoking, would you stop smoking now?

The aim of smoking cessation with good, professional hypnotherapy is to help you become a happy non-smoker virtually instantly.

What would you rather do, possibly spend hundreds of thousands of pounds feeding a habit that has not got one single benefit to it or stop smoking easily, quickly, naturally and safely?

Imagine someone offered you a box containing £105,941.50……..