3 Simple Overlooked Steps To 6 pack Abs

By Rob Pilger
Step. 1 Why all the 30,50, 75 reps of abs crunches per, reverse crunches, or oblique crunches per set? I bet your back hurts from performing that many reps doesn’t it?

Try training your abdominals using loaded reps of 12, 15, and even 20 reps. You see, the abdominal muscles are predominantly phasic(fast twitch) muscles. They respond better to loaded reps.

Try using 2-3 sets of the above reps, and feel what happens to your abdominals. You should literally feel them tighten up. Provided though, that you follow steps 2 and 3.

Step. 2 Don’t over train your abdominals. Again, what would your triceps feel and look like if you trained them everyday? Your abdominals then are no different.

One day you can train lower abs. Ex. Hanging Leg Raises.(Provided your lower abdominals are coordinated and firing right. This is a topic for another article) Another day you can train your obliques. Ex. Cable Wd Chops. Then on the 3rd day you can train your upper abdominals. Ex. Swiss Ball Db Crunch.

Training your abs this way will allow each section to recover and develop into a sheath of rock hard muscle! Provided though that you follow step 3.

Step.3 Perform interval training to burn more fat that surrounds your midsection. Since there is no such thing as spot reduction, interval training is a sure way to burn the fat that surrounds your midsection.

Your metabolic rate will be increased for several hours after interval training to. Why wouldn’t you want this? Talk about efficient training! Talk about those abs starting to appear again!

Think of interval training as the chisel the sculptor(us) uses to give the sculpture(our body) the defining look of excellence.

You are probably saying, what the heck are you talking about?! It’s true though. Look at interval training as that. The tool to give you the polished, ripped, set of 6 pack abs you seek.


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