A good hand massage can do you a world of good….

1)A good hand massage boosts blood circulation,which helps your nails grow better.

2)Beauty experts recommend a daily massage of the fingertips with any oil,preferably olive,to enhance blood circulation to the nail area.

3)Simply rubbing your palms with your fingers also improves blood circulation.

4)In winter,when nail growth gets retarded,dip them in warm water or warm oil every night.This helps to moisturise the nails and soften the cuticles.

5)Milk fat(malai) is ideal for moisturising nails.

6)Almond oil and Vitamin E oil work wonders too.Rub in and leave on,overnight.

7)A vigorous manicure,at home or at a salon,is a must for mast nails.

8)Get regular nail buffing to counter yellowing and brittleness of nails.

Did you know ?

Nails grow at an average rate of 0.01 cm a day (1 cm in 100 days).Fingernails require 4-6 months to regrow completely.Toenails take 12-18 months.