Being Around Smokers Can Increase Your Risk Of Disease

Many people began smoking cigarettes because they thought it made them look sophisticated and ‘cool’ or because they succumbed to peer pressure. However, smoking can lead to very poor health and may also increase your chances of getting a terrible disease like breast cancer.

There are a number of myths about smoking. For example, it is generally thought that young men become addicted to smoking faster than young women, but this is not the case. Research has shown that young women tend to adopt the bad habit of cigarette smoking much more quickly than their male counterparts. Studies have also suggested that just being around people who smoke cigarettes brings a higher risk of developing cancer; so-called ‘passive smokers’ even have a higher risk of getting the disease than chain smokers, in fact.

The World Health Organization has associated smoking with over 25 types of cancer, including uterine cancer, kidney, cervical, and pancreatic cancers, and the list grows by the day. Women and nonsmokers have been found to be more prone to breast cancer than any other form. The WHO report indicates that smoking cigarettes is not only damaging to the smoker, but also to the health of people just standing nearby. For women, smoking is synonymous with death because it increases the chance of heart attack and stroke as well as cancer. Their risk increases ten-fold if they are also using birth control medications and smoking.

If you were to list all of the bad effects of smoking you would be involved in a never-ending task. Smokers use cigarettes, happily thinking that this will relax them by easing their stress and tension. However, the unhealthy effects of the smoking are easy to see on the faces of smokers. They have bad breath, yellow teeth, wrinkled skin, and complain of tongue and stomach ulcers.

Children are at greatest risk of picking up the smoking habit. Parents who smoke are providing a terrible example to their children, who often want to follow in the footsteps of their mothers and fathers. Children of smokers can’t tell the difference between what’s good or bad because, from their earliest years, they have been exposed to a bad example.

Smoking cigarettes can also hamper a person’s ability to think clearly. It creates an addiction that is difficult to overcome, and people who smoke always think they need a cigarette to get through any period of tension in their lives.


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