Health Goals – The Vitalism Philosophy

Vitalism is a philosophy on health that is simple to follow and provides powerful effects. At its heart is the belief that living in pain or disease, of any type, is an unnatural state. More importantly, it suggests that pain and disease is a sign that a larger problem is underfoot.

Reducing pain and disease symptoms by fighting them with modern medicines and surgery will rarely touch the larger problem. New symptoms will arise, and new medicines and surgeries for this symptom will continue to weaken the body, harming its precious organs and destroying the body’s immune response strength. What is needed to understand is how to identify the greater problems behind the initial symptoms of pain or disease before they cause the arrival of larger, more complicated conditions.

There should be an adopted focus on learning the basics of vitalism, and with each step, the discovering of major health conditions and understanding their underlying causes, of which may not often be considered or discussed in your doctors office, but which are nevertheless understood and well researched. This way of thinking is a positive means of finding more practical alternatives to drugs, expensive supplements, and surgeries.

Also central to the ‘vitalist’ philosophy is the key principle that a lack of symptoms does not mean health. Health is an abundance of energy. Health is a source of personal power and control over your personal and professional life, along with other relationships. Health is, also, control over your self. Health is having the ability to have your body do whatever you want your body to do.

While the ‘vitalist’ lifestyle is simple and enriching, to educate yourself away from the misinformation you have been fed over the years may take some time and commitment on your behalf. Every effort should be made to strive for information, expanding your understanding of how your mind and your body work together. Soon, you will understand that the food you eat, when eaten properly, brings you energy instead of draining energy. You will understand that the foods that bring you health are delicious and the unhealthy foods you crave are draining.

You will also learn how a lean, healthy physique is enjoyable to obtain and enjoyable to maintain. The same simple steps you need to take to reduce your body pains will bring you a healthier, leaner physique, and an invigorated organic system. We hope to educate you as to what these underlying forces may be and what remedies you may find.

Dr. Bryan Brodeur

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