Break The Habit Of Smoking And Experience The Wonders Of A Whole New Non-Smoking Life.

Smoking is one of those bad habits that are really hard to break and yet smoking can have a devastating impact on your health and your family life. If you are going to learn to break any habit stop smoking and fix your health and your marriage all in one go.

Bad habits are controlling and rule your life, how many times have you promised to give up smoking and yet here you are still throwing money down the drain in pursuit of death!

You may not care how long you live and you may not care that your clothes and your house stink of smoke but what about your partner and your family. Is it fair to make your children breath in the smoke that you throw in their direction even if it’s just off your clothes? What about your partner, there are many petty habits that I would agree your spouse may just have to learn to live with but smoking is in a completely different league. By continuing to smoke you are showing a lack of care towards your family by the shear fact that you are prepared to go to your grave years early, perhaps missing your children grow up and leaving your partner alone just because you are not prepared to take one little step and learn how to break the smoking habit.

I admit that giving up smoking isn’t easy but it can be done, with a little effort and determination you can break any habit.

The evidence against smoking is mounting and along side the evidence of the real harm smoking can cause is the increasing social disapproval of smoking.

You might believe it doesn’t matter that death is a long way off but the older you get the quicker life passes you by and all too soon you wish you had broken the smoking habit years before.

I lost my mother in law to lung cancer a few years back. She was an otherwise healthy individual who enjoyed life to the full. Smoking destroyed her final years and significantly cut short her life. Once she understood that there was more to life than smoking it was too late to for her to break the habit. She left behind an adoring husband and family and her husband now has to see out a good many of his final years alone.

Take it from me, now is the time to stop smoking, not next week, next month or next year. Break the habit now, stop smoking today and if you can’t do it alone, and many people can’t, get help.