Gas can be prevented

Flatulence worries you ?

1. Over eating is to be avoided.

2. Talking while eating is not advisable.

3. Gulping down lot of water soon after meals can worsen your flatulence.

4. Sipping ginger juice or lemon juice (1-3 spoons) mixed in a cup of hot water gets rid of flatulence.

5. Asafetida fried in ghee with or without mixing in hot water to be taken to get rid of excessive flatulence.

6. Avoid eating potatoes, peas, sweet potatoes, sprouted cereals, and fried food in excess. Adding garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander to your dishes help.

7. Eat only when hungry.

8. Specific yoga asanas like pavanamukta asana, bhujanga asana, shalabhasana and sarvanga asana help. Learn doing it from a qualified person.

9. Fasting once a month is advisable. Either eat very less of fruits and vegetables or just drink water. Let your digestive system get a holiday too.

10. Being angry, upset or pre -occupied during eating should be avoided.

11.Physical activities or sleeping, immediately after eating is not to be done.

12Gulping down food in hurry or eating when not hungry can worsen flatulence.