How To Use Affirmations To Quit Smoking

Without any doubt, smoking causes all sorts of illness, disease and even death. Even children are not spared if their mother whom was a smoker or a second hand smoker during pregnancy.

Of course, there is too much negative effects to list when smoking can do to harm your life. However, one of the methods to quit smoking is by using affirmation.

Affirmation is actually a positive sentence to state out what you wish to achieve. To affirm is state the desired wants and to maintain the attitude regardless of what is happening around your environment.

The power of creation is always present in the now and you are always creating and re-creating. If you have a problem, you created it and you can uncreate it.

The power to create and uncreate is only a matter of your mind.

You should always affirm yourself in the present time – now, of which your subconscious mind will process and

When you’re stating your affirmation, do not use negative terms. For example: I do not want to be a smoker. Instead use sentences like: I now want to be smoke-free.

No one else except you must accept responsibility for your own health. You must accept responsibility for any harmfulness that you causing to yourself. Be prepared to know the facts of what smoking can do to your health. Also always take care of your health by starting to exercise, drink more fruit juice and eating less oily food.

Give permission to yourself to quit smoking entirely and be healthy.

Write a affirmation to yourself such as the list below:

Permission to completely quit smoking and be healthy

“I, (your name), hereby give myself the permission to quit smoking forever. I deserve the good health and the happiness of my life. I believe I am able to 100 percent quit smoking without a doubt. I also take responsibility for my words and actions, because I am a person of my words and a leader to myself and my love ones. I will quit smoking by (date) and not even light a cigarette thereafter that date.



That is just an example of stating down an affirmation which you can follow.

Read the affirmation that you wrote down and read it every single morning and the evening before you go to bed. The moment you wrote that is the moment you are already a non-smoker. Remember the binding words that you’ve spoken and live a healthy life!

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