Keep Your Prostate Healthy – Learn About Six Secrets

By: Robert William Locke

There are many ways we can keep the prostate gland healthy and at the same time relieve discomfort. Apart from medication and prostate massage, here are six tips nobody ever talks about which will keep the gland in good shape.

A study has been carried out by The Cancer Council Victoria in Australia about whether the frequency of ejaculation in men has any bearing on the incidence of prostate cancer in men.This study has been published in the British Journal of Urology International and shows that frequent ejaculation by masturbation or other means will help to keep the gland healthy by clearing out toxins, debris and even carcinogens which might build up in the prostate gland tissues.

Homeopathic treatment of the prostate is rarely mentioned. This type of medicine can give excellent and long standing results and can help relieve the pain when it is present, eg. in chronic prostatitis or when the bladder is irritated form being overactive. The medicines recommended are Thuja Occidentalos, Cantharis, Solidago Virga and Hydrangea (Seven Barks). These also give relief if you experiencing painful orgasms.

Sitz comes from the German word which means sitting and that is just what you do for thirty minutes when you take a sitz bath. The pelvic area is immersed in very hot water – keep the rest of your body outside. You want the hot water to penetrate the fatty layers and muscle and stimulate the blood circulation in the pelvis. Keep adding hot water so that the water does not become too cool and add in your favourite scent. At the end, stand up very slowly and spray the area with cold water. In this way, the blood vessls constrict and the toxins are got rid of, rather like squeezing a sponge.

Lots of studies have been done on green tea and its antioxidant properties which have the power to actually kill off any cancer cells and leave the healthy ones intact. This type of tea causes apoptosis to occur which is a sort of selective massacre of cells but it will always leave the healthiest ones to survive and go on replicating. This type of activity occurs all the time in the body but to find it in a substance which we can actually drink is a real discovery. So, why not drink some green tea, taking care not to take excessive doses as it contains caffeine.

The top foods for prostate conditions are :- green leafy vegetables, soya, nuts and fruit. Tomatoes contain lycopene (found in the red skin) which can help the prostate. Try to avoid large consumption of red meat, coffee and alcohol. Any foods which are rich in selenium, Vitamin E and folic acid are definitely recommended.

Believe it or not, when you urinate in a sitting position, this helps to remove all the toxins as well because in that position, it is easier to drain the bladder fully. Many people also recommend exercises where you squeeze the buttocks- this can tone the muscles in the area around the prostate. This can be done as many times as you can but making sure to build the number up gradually.

Before deciding whether to go for surgery or try massage, the ways I have outlined above may well be the answer and will give you some relief from your symptoms. Some of them can be used to complement other treatments.

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