Questions Asked About Music On Hold

There are many questions which really disturb music on hold user. Like a new user always wants to know about the kind of equipment needed to be able to use on hold programs. We have simple answer to this. The main requirement is a business telephone system with music on hold capability. List of compatible phone systems can be easily checked on the internet. Playing the on hold programs require either a compact disc player or a digital player. The cost for all this depends on the number of times one wants to change the messages throughout the year. Along with this another question which comes in the mind of the business owner is that how often the music on hold should be changed.

This basically depends upon the kind of business. Some business holders use just one program all year round and update it just once a year while many clients change their programs seasonally or even four times per year. There are people who like to produce monthly programs to offer specials or other dated information. As the music on hold providers have a computerized scheduling system so they can coordinate with on hold programs to work with special events, rollout of a new product line, or any other special requirement. Other points to consider are that whether the company gets frequent calls from the same people, or the company has a steady stream of new customers with less repeat business.

Next point to consider while setting up music on hold is the duration of the music which is to be played and how many messages are there on the program. Most of the hold program are six minutes long and can include up to twelve different messages. But in case a company wants longer messages or more music in between then even nine or ten messages cab be played and in case the messages are shorter or you want less music in between the maximum of twelve messages can be used. The on hold program plays continuously, even if no one is holding. So if anyone was put on hold at noon, and another caller was put on hold at just one minute afterwards then both would be hearing the same thing but if one would have heard one minute more than the second caller then the music covers all the lines.

Thus if more than one person is on hold, they’re all hearing the same thing. Thus the caller would have to be on hold for more than six minutes before they would hear a repeat message which is very unlikely because a frequent caller would hear the exact same message every time they call.


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