Understanding Lower Back Pain And What You Can Do About It

By: Fred Farah

If you have had the unfortunate event of dealing with lower back pain, you are not alone. Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons people take a trip to their physician, and there is no sign of this letting up. What is troubling is that not everything is under your control when it comes to your back.

There are several different events that can cause pain in lower back region including lifting heavy objects, twisting and turning incorrectly during exercise, and long periods of inactivity. While there is no exact definition or defining measures summing up lower back pain, chronic back pain can be characterized as back pain that lasts for more than six weeks.

There are varying levels of pain that you may encounter from a sharp pain to a pinch. If the pain does begin to worsen and becomes unbearable, it is essential that you visit your physician. Your physician will be able to give you a better basis of what treatment methods are appropriate in regards to your particular situation.

With pain in lower back, it could be a number of different causes. One possibility is a pinched nerve, which can be identified if you feel a sharp pain that begins to spread to your buttocks or even down your leg. Typically it is the sciatic nerve that suffers from a herniated disc or pinched nerve. As the sciatic nerve is pinched, you may experience pain, tingling, or numbness in the buttock or backside of the leg.

What is troubling is that although a pinched sciatic nerve can lead to extreme and nagging pain, often times there is not much you can do to treat it. Physical therapy, massage, anti-inflammatory medications and chiropractic treatments are the best forms of treatment. But there is no guarantee that the back pain will not come back.

Another type of lower back pain is acute low back pain, which is caused by muscle inflammation and spasm. This generally starts as a nuisance and increases in severity over time. The pain that you experience will consist of aches and cramps and eventually move on to sharp pains. Surprisingly, simply laying down for awhile is a great reliever because it relieves the over-worked and stressed out muscles.

Lower back pain is frustrating because for the most part, there is no guarantee of you completely ridding yourself of the pain. You can get treatment from chiropractors and massages to loosen up the muscles, but there is nothing stopping the muscles from tensing up again. The key is to give your muscles a rest and take caution when working out and lifting heavy objects.

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