Quit Smoking For Your Health

Lots Of Healthy Incentives To Quit Smoking

Every place a smoker goes nowadays there is the public pointing out to them that it is in there best health to quit smoking. Additionally, with many villages and communities passing laws regulating where a person can have a smoke, many have decided that it is worth the trouble to quit smoking.

Less then 30 years ago, there were very few organizations who minded smoking. Often during that time smokers were seen on television shows and in the movies smoking their cigarettes. Albeit the earliest warnings about the health hazards of cigarettes, there was no real rush to get people to quit smoking.

When the facts of second-hand smoke dangers was first presented men that smoked, often in the presence of children and other non-smokers, wanted more scientific evidence to back that claim before they would quit smoking around others. Even with daming evidence of the dangers, many are still finding it hard to quit smoking.

Smoking is an addictive habit that normally begins when a person is in their teen years or early into their 20’s. It is very easy to become addicted on cigarettes but not nearly as easy to quit smoking, as people would like to believe.

Addiction Is Mental And Physical

There is a physical addiction to nicotine, the main addictive drug in cigarettes that can take about a week to work out of the body. The first 72 hours are considered the worst time when people quit smoking but after that the physical craving for nicotine diminishes. The remainder of the addiction is considered mental, although there are physical aspects to it as well.

People who smoked, especially for many years, find they have nothing to do with their hands, which held onto a cigarette during their smoking years. In order to reduce the mental craving some turn to eating, which is something they never did while they were smoking. Weight build up is a common reality for new non-smokers, but masses believe that losing weight will be easier than when they quit smoking.

Others think that just like becoming addicted to cigarettes did not happen overnight, breaking the habit will take time as well. They have a slow withdrawal plan with a target date to quit smoking. Others find various means to break the habit, such as hypnosis, laser techniques and substitutes to wean them off the addictive habits. But most agree that they need to do whatever it takes to quit smoking for their health’s sake.