The Truth About New Quit Smoking Drugs

One of two life-long smokers suffer and die from ailments caused by smoking. So there is a continuous struggle to make people give up this bad habit, and increase their life expectancy with all the means modern medicine has available today. This is why pharmaceutical companies are making sustained efforts to come up with new quit smoking drugs that reduce or neutralize the withdrawal symptoms and accelerate post-quitting cravings.

Two of the most famous and well-reputed new quit smoking drugs are Chantix and Bupropion. Both are non-nicotine medicines, that require a certain period of treatment in order to be effective and which should be supported by professional counseling sessions. Before starting using new quit smoking drugs, it is best to have all your medical investigations made and to have the doctor analyze your record.

Chantix is a new quit smoking drug that comes in tablet form. Produced by Pfizer, this drug was conceived for pregnant women and teenagers under 18 who have to quit smoking. It is varenicline tartrate derived and it is considered to have a superior rating smoking cessation than Zyban. The usual Chantix treatment lasts for 12 weeks, but administration of this new quit smoking drug can be extended to a longer period depending on the case.

Bupropion is considered another revolutionizing new quit smoking drug that enjoys great result in nicotine addiction cessation. Initially Bupropion was made to combat depression, but studies and trials have proved that it helps smokers’ wishing to quit. It is as effective as nicotine-based drugs, but it also prevents gaining weight. The most common side effects associated with the use of this new quit smoking drug is dry mouth and sleeplessness.

Studies were conducted on large groups of smokers to test responsiveness and efficiency of this new quit smoking drug, and the results were compared to those obtained by administration of nicotine based drugs, placebo and shots. It resulted that treatment with Bupropion is superior to nicotine administered transdermally.

Smoking is a hard bad habit to break, it takes patience, strong will and motivation to ensure the effectiveness of new quit smoking drug therapies. This is the purpose of taking a quit smoking counseling course, because it offers the psychological support that you need to get rid of smoking and all its side effects. Just think that after quit smoking drug treatment, you will be over unpleasant breath smell, tiredness, low immunity, persistent cough and so on.


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