What Are The Available Stop Smoking Drugs And Medications?

Here’s a great show in an air-conditioned hall. The admission is free. You have to pay at the exit gate only! Your smoking is somewhat like that. You got your first cigarette probably free from your friend. Now you are spending a lot, moving heaven and earth, to quit smoking. You don’t have an account how many thousands of dollars you spent on cigarettes, how much money you paid on stop smoking drugs medication!

Nicotine is no ordinary addiction. It has destroyed millions of individuals and millions of homes. You made many resolutions in front of your friends and relatives but not one of them fructified.

Asthma can be controlled, but COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) which is the direct gift of smoking, is difficult to control or cure. Damage to the airways in COPD is permanent. The obstruction can not be removed. Here, the airways are only narrowed.

A test called spirometry is conducted to decide whether you have COPD. To confirm the diagnosis, bronchodilators are added. These are the drugs that cause the airway to dilate.

The treatment of COPD is peculiar. In the sense, you need to stop smoking first, before the commencement of the treatment. You can’t continue to smoke and expect the anti-smoking drugs to produce miracles. Highest co-operation from you is needed. Don’t depend upon the drugs as such. Take their co-operation. For treating COPD, short acting bronchodialator inhalers, steroid inhalers, long acting bronchodilators are used.

You have done enough of drama rehearsals. Time has arrived for your final show, or call it showdown with nicotine. It won’t give up easily. It is out to confront you ably assisted by around 4000 poisonous elements that it commands, 40 of them cancer-causing. No doubt, your will power to quit smoking is supreme, but let some drugs medication help
you stop smoking.

Some do cold turkey, with benefit. The triggers in environment are bound to make it psychologically difficult to lighting up. The main obstacle is behavior patterns. You will experience physical withdrawal symptoms. But if you are determined, this strategy will work.

Since nicotine is your enemy, tools or drugs that confront nicotine, and help in reducing its effect are most welcome. Nicotine patch is one of them. Though they are costly, and the insurance companies will not admit your claim for expenses on this account, this step is worth pursuing. Nicotine gum is another such product. You are not actually expected to chew the gum, just lodge it between your gum and cheek.

Herbal remedies also play a positive role in the area of stop smoking drugs medication. You may say, and strictly speaking you are right, that tobacco is also a herb. But “to remove the thorn, sometimes, you need to use a thorn.” Some other herb must confront the tobacco herb. Ginger cigarettes, herbal teas and things alike help to remove the toxins from your body.

Zyban is another drug, that finds favor in the stop smoking tools. It is a prescription medicine, and you need to take it under your doctor’s advice.


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