Yoga Tips For Adults

Yoga Tips For Adults

Yoga is exercise to keep fit, hale and healthy. At any age you can start yoga while for other exercises you have to be young and healthy, like you cannot do jogging or cycling when you have less of stamina because of age or you have some disease. You cannot do any exercise or can go to Gym. You cannot go for swimming or for cycling etc. but you can start doing yoga at any stage with any disease. Do yoga according to the rules.

The rules are very simple to follow.
* You have to start from a very slow motion: Do it only for swim first day then increase every day for swim. If you are not well, have pain in some part of your body never ever exert yourself. There are many simple and plain postures in yoga, which you can adopt easily and avoid postures which gives you pain while performing. Yoga assists you to breath better and strengthens the spine. It tones flabby muscles and improve postures. Your skin begins to glow and body attains the perfect shape. Yoga also builds inner strength and increase stamina in our body.

* Never use force or strength while performing asana.

* Do not remain tense, get rid and ill feeling.

* Do not go out in cold after performing asana.

* Never take bath within an hour.

* Performance of asana warms up the body so never do it on bare ground. Always spread a blanket, if you cannot sit on ground. You can do pranyama on chair.

* Keep complete control on breathing. Always breath through nose.

If you are old and cannot perform asana then you can do only pranayama.

Pranayama is the total exercise for our body. You inhale through nose for right nostril and take out for left side. Inhale as much as you can, keep for few minutes then inhale. Even this little small exercise of breathing can do wonders in our body. You will get oxygen and take carbon dioxide. This exercise cleanses our system and gives us energy.

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