Medicinal uses of Onion:

1)Onion inhibits tumour growth because it is rich in a variety of sulfides.Research shows that the Chinese-with the highest intake of onions and garlic-have 40 per cent less risks of cancer.

2)As onion contains essential oils like alipropyl disulphide,catechol,protocatechnic acid and thiopropionoaldehyde-it is beneficial in heart diseases.One who takes 100 gms of onions per day gets rid of coronary heart or blood pressure disorders.It also reduces blood cholesterol.

3)Onion contains chromium,which helps to decrease fasting glucose levels,improves glucose tolerance and lowers insulin levels.

4)Onions also stimulate the immune system.

5)According to the American Heart Association,onions with garlic prevent thrombosis and reduce hypertension.

6)Onions are also used as a diuretic,expectorant and antiseptic.

7)Onions may be particularly beneficial for women in combating osteoporosis.

8)Onion can improve lung function,especially in asthma.