Seven Reasons For Temporary Hair Loss

Seven Reasons For Temporary Hair Loss

Not all types of hair loss would lead to permanent baldness. Depending on the nature and cause of the baldness, the chances of growing back your hair could be good. Temporary hair loss could be caused by several factors. The seven very common causes of temporary baldness could be (1) illness, (2) poor nutrition, (3) medications, (4) medical treatments, (5) recent high fever, flu or surgery, (6) infancy (7) childbirth.

According to medical studies, people who are diabetic, suffering from lupus and thyroid disorders often suffer from hair loss. According to medical practitioners, hair loss can be attributed as an effect of the illness and the poor absorption of nutrients into the body of a sick person. This condition is often times temporary and the hair would often re-grow upon the patient’s recovery. The medications and medical treatment undergone by a patient also contribute to hair loss. There are certain medications, especially those drugs used for treatment of gout, arthritis, depression, heart problems and high blood pressure and those treatments used to fight cancer, which cause hair loss in some people. In most cases, as soon as the patient is taken off medication, the hair would grow again.

Aside from illness and medications, there are natural bodily transitions, which could result to hair loss. Childbirth may cause excessive hair loss for several months in some women. During pregnancy, women often experience active hair growth and after delivery, the excess hair is shed as the body corrects itself. In infants hair loss usually occurs when the first six months and the baby sometimes go bald. The shedding of hair is a natural process in this case. As the baby grows older, more permanent hair replaces the old ones.

Article Source: Health Guidance

Jeanette Pollock