Simple way to Meditate

The Scriptures have given common man the idea of meditation which can make you oneself with God. For common people the word seemed to signify a kind of special method to practice so that one could feel the presence of God and the perfection of the method would lead one to visualize God.

Now the word has become a household term leading every one to believe that it can be practiced by everyone to relive oneself from stress, physical ailment and attain peace of mind. The method has become more of physical exercise than a quest for spirituality.

In ancient times the Munis, Rishies, or Saints meditated whole heartedly as they were away from the distraction of the materialistic world. The peaceful surroundings of the forest or the mountain caves helped them to concentrate. By developing concentration they could feel and experience the presence of the divine. It is quite difficult to say that all of them perceived god. By the time they reached the level of visualizing God they had themselves reached the stage of controlling all mental faculties.

In modern times such saints are very rare. They might have the experienced the presence of divinity but Ramakrishna’s vision of god is a rare experience. It cannot be attained only by meditation.

Is their no way for common people to meditate and control the mind? Concentration is the key word to it. It is easily said than done. It is by practice that one can develop a deep concentration. Concentration develops mental power and mental power must be made as strong as the physique. Actually god is the unconscious soul which always lies dormant within us. Meditation makes that dormant self more prominent and an individual is transported to a higher level than his counterpart. In this state all the activities of an individual is sincerely performed. Sincerity of purpose gives rise to devotion and devotion to determination. Unknowingly an individual has developed a strong mind and this state leads you to mental peace. All your work either small or big will be performed perfectly and it gives satisfaction.

The exercise is to concentrate on something that you are doing. The hectic schedule will be completed within time. You can retire to your bed with mental satisfaction. Just at the end of the day thank that Super power who has helped you to be strong, focused and sincere.
God Bless You All.